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DVD Authoring

Preparing footage for retail DVD has never been easier. Send us your tapes and receive a professionally packaged DVD ready for sale. See process below

Preparing Footage
Footage is best prepared by a professional production house but we can work with tapes, external hard drives, camera hard drives and even old reel tapes.

Studio & Voiceover Talent

A host or on-screen talent can be added to your project during post production. We have access to a wide range of talent to fit your project requirements.

Titles & Lower Thirds
Titles and lower third graphics will be placed were necessary. For documentary and news-based footage it is best to display a lower third for the first appearance of each personality.

Graphics & Animation
Supply voiceovers as separate audio files. We have a wide range of voice talent available should you require it.

Anti-Piracy Laws
You will be asked to provide documentation for all media (audio, video or still images) used in the project.
DVD AUthoring Process

Basic DVD Setup
The following chart shows contents of a typical DVD project.
DVD Authoring

DVD Manufacturing

DVD manufacturing is the duplication or replication of the DVD including packaging, barcodes and distribution. There are many advantages to appointing a single media company to oversee the entire manufacturing process -- which can spread across several different industries:

  • Branding Continuity
  • Local control - make proofs & other changes in person
  • Utilize our business relationships to ensure quality and piece of mind that your project will be finished on time and on budget.
  • 100% play guarantee.

Once a final marketing plan is in place we will begin designing the final product for sale in retail or online stores.

Package Design
Every detail is critical in consumer product packaging. Nickey Media will handle everything from the cover artwork to the disc design and

UPC Barcode
Many retail stores will ask that you have a registered UPC barcode before agreeing to sell your DVD. We can help you obtain the necessary documents and barcodes.

Disc Finishing

Polish your project off with a full-color silkscreen or digital printed disc. These finishes cannot be smeared, smudged or peeled away.

Freight & Delivery
Freight and delivery charges are built into your cost per unit estimate. Expect to store twenty five 2'x2'x1' boxes per 1,000 pieces ordered.