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Frequently Asked Questions

How can I reduce costs associated with my Web site project?

A major downfall of pre-packaged pricing is the inability to remain flexible for clients that prepare content, photos and video for the project.

A few simple ways to maximize your project budget:

Do your homework
Take a minute to research available domain names if you are starting a new site. This can be done through popular domain registrars such as, or If the name you want is taken and not being utilized there are paths Nickey Media can take to purchase the name on your behalf.

Prepare content
More can be done here in terms of reducing costs than any other phase of development. The total number of pages ultimately determine final costs.

Start by creating a Word document for each page of the site. Be sure to title each document with the corresponding section or page and bring this with you for the initial project meeting.

Images & Graphics
Place your images in separate folders for each page and title them accordingly. This will eliminate much of the content preparation and formatting time required.

Know your passwords
A considerable amount of time can be saved for rebuild and maintenance projects by simply knowing your passwords. This will eliminate any third party verification required for Nickey Media to access files on your behalf. Place all of your usernames and passwords in a single Word document and we will add to it as new accounts are created.

Bring everything!
If your clients see it, so should we. Overwhelming visitors with too much content can be a problem but it is our job to sort and find relevant pieces than amplify your Web site's effectiveness. Visual repetition and brand recognition are vital to achieving long-term success online.

Use Examples Send us examples of sites you like. Think of the site in individual pieces and parts. For example, "I like the overall look and feel of but's menu is much more user friendly."
"I prefer subtle flash animation like's home page. I like the blue graphic uses for quote requests."

This will aid in gauging design styles and will create a point of reference for discussion during the quote process.

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