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Making Sense of Search Engine Marketing

It's not just a buzzword anymore. More and more companies are relying on top search results to drive traffic and potential customers to their site.

A progressive and well calculated approach will achieve the best results for your campaign.

What is Search Engine Optimization & Marketing?
Search engine optimization (SEO) is an Internet marketing strategy that is designed to search for specific keywords that are embedded in the content and code of your Web site. Search engines such as, Google, Yahoo, and MSN, have become the outlet of how you find information on the Internet by giving you millions of hits on words you enter in the search box. SEO will put your Web site in the top pages of those search results making your site viewed and available more often, attracting potential customers and creating more traffic.

One of the many benefits of SEO is the total control you have over your advertising budget, you are able to closely monitor your traffic and search engine results to gauge the effectiveness of your keywords.

Optimizing your Web site to fit the needs of search engines is becoming a vital element to marketing on the Web. Methods such as, Pay Per Click (PPC), matches your keywords to search inquiries and displays your ad adjacent to or above organic results on search engine results pages, or anywhere a web developer chooses on a content site. Much like SEO, PPC gives you complete control over the placement and timing of your ads to gain more traffic.

Google AdWords®

Google AdWords® is an Internet marketing strategy designed to make your ads accessible through Google search results when one of your keywords is searched. Internet marketing is becoming a proven method to increase business, gain exposure and solicit sales while expanding your reach and brand recognition.

Google AdWords®, also known as a Pay Per Click system, is a method created to keep the cost of running ads on the Internet within a fixed budget that you create - making it easy to control and manage your ads within a pre-configured budget. When someone clicks your ad on the Google search results, you pay Google a small fee. This fee completely depends on how much you are willing to spend, ranging from pennies to dollars. A small activation fee is required upon setting up your ads but there is no minimum monthly charge attached to it.

Google AdWords® will provide you with many options for the placement of your ads, along with targeting a network of people who are already interested in your business. Learning about Google AdWords® is free and is an intricate marketing tool for Internet and local businesses alike.

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