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Integrating Facebook & Twitter

This is a simple process to bridge the gap between social media and official websites.

  • Facebook displays directly on your website
  • Users can become fans of your company
  • Share articles from your website on their profile page
  • Post comments on website content to your company's page
  • Stream photos, posts, or live feed directly on your website
  • Automatically export Facebook updates to Twitter :
    • Stream status updates
    • Discussions
    • Photos
    • Videos & more

Integrate your website and let Facebook and Twitter manage themselves. We can also build a custom Facebook page within your content management system to create a "one-stop shop" for updating your company's content on the Web.

Contact us or call (614) 851-1840 for more information and detailed pricing.

Call (614) 851-1840 or contact us to request additional information and pricing.


The following badges and buttons can be place anywhere on your site. Attach them to articles, photos, news stories, or additions to your client portfolio.

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